Cortney Novogratz

"Robert and I love traditions, but we always try make them our own, too. Just like our design projects."

on Apr 27, 2010

Hey everybody! Cortney here, and wanting to thank you all for so many amazing comments about the show, and thrilled that you all are enjoying watching it as much as we loved making it!

Tonight’s episode just underscores what lucky people we are! And how much we have to be thankful for!

From a design POV, we create a gym for developer (and friend!) Dave Barry, who is our biggest client, and while certainly things can get sticky with him (as it does with all clients!), he is amazing, and an inspiration to work with. And he has been so supportive of our work, giving us artistic freedom and paying us for what we love to do! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Letting us do our Sixx Design thing in the gym was a challenge. As you know, we love mixing vintage items with modern pieces, and repurposing a space that was mostly sitting empty. The space itself was a challenge—huge, awkward, with a really ugly kitchen that didn’t work, and to make the project more complicated, the budget was very small. We love a challenge, so we tackled it, and created a gym that really works well and looks fab. (Dave lends the gym to a number of charitable kids’ organizations and even to Olympic athletes!). Bob loved the results so much, he donated his entire sports bobble-head doll collection as part of the permanent décor of the gym! Dave was happy, and now we are working on a new project with him—our second New Jersey Shore hotel (Our first, Bungalow, opened last summer—you will see us create that hotel later in the season!)