Cortney Novogratz

"We have always relied on great people to help and support us in our quest to raise a large family."

on May 4, 2010

Hi everybody! Hope you enjoyed the latest episode of 9 by Design, an episode I like to call Punk'd, since I got fooled twice in this latest installment! In a search for a new nanny, George set us up. Somehow, he slipped in Rainbow Star, who was, shall we say, a little eccentric? We could not believe how wacky she was, and our surprise at some of the off-the-wall stuff she said was pretty funny. In the end, it was difficult to pick the right nanny, but Andrea was was fun and reliable, and seemed like she would fit in perfectly with our boisterous family. We have always relied on great people to help and support us in our quest to raise a large family. So one problem solved, then Breaker got me good with what we refer to as "the cake incident". Breaker is a hilarious kid with a great imagination, and you will get to see more of his antics in other episodes.

In our design business, the Hampton house we gutted and designed was a big job. We didn't have much time, much of a budget, and it was definitely stressful. But even though there were some problems (OK, I don't want to hear about ripping out that bathroom ever again), the finished project was beautiful, and something we could definitely be proud of. Again, it is always about the people you rely on to help you get things done the right way! And our contractors were up for the challenge as they always are. The Hamptons house is a good example of our design philosophy—take a cramped, dark, warren of rooms and open the walls, paint the walls white, get rid of clutter. You end up with a loft-like feel and lots of open space to really get the most use out of any environment.