Cortney Novogratz

"We have always relied on great people to help and support us in our quest to raise a large family."

on May 4, 2010

We also painted the floors white, which is a good tip for an inexpensive way to brighten up any space. The key to a distinctive interior is to bring in colorful elements, though the art and furnishings, which makes it all really pop. Don't be afraid to try something new, you might be really happy with the results, and if you aren't, try something different! As we like to say, we are always about taking risks. In life and in decor. Be sure to tune in next week, to see where our family and our work take us. We hope you are loving every episode, it is really fun for us to show you all what we love about life.


P.S. We will be signing copies our book, Downtown Chic tommorow night Wednesday May 5th at Pier One at 71 5th Avenue ny ny 10013.

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