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Method to Our Madness

"Every child arrives with a specific personality, and that is really fun to explore together as the children grow."

Hi everybody, it's Cortney from 9 by Design!

This is a very exciting and crazy time in our lives! The second episode of our new show is super-fun, and one of our favorites.

In this episode, I’ve given birth to a healthy baby boy we named Major Robert Novogratz, after Robert’s dad, who was a major in the Army. We have been so blessed to have amazing kids, and I never take any of them (or any aspect of our lives) for granted even for a minute.

Taking Major home from the hospital is a highlight on the show. All of the other kids were super-excited to see him. And Major figured out quickly he is loved, as everybody fought to have their chance to hold him. He is a very chill kid, which is a good thing after having Five and Holly, who are the wild children of the family. One of the most interesting things about parenting is how different each of the children is, regardless of the family environment and the parents’ impact. Every child arrives with a specific personality, and that is really fun to explore together as the children grow.

The other big news on the show, we finally moved out of our temporary apartment and into our new home, which we had been waiting for, big time! The home had been eighteen months in the making, and we were ready to get in there. As usual, we were on a tight schedule—our lease at the temporary apartment was up. With only three days left before we had to move into the new home, we discovered we had almost of a month of work left until the house would be finished. It was pretty stressful, but at least the end of the work was in sight. To make matters worse (or funnier, depending on who you ask!), our workers punk’d us into believing that the house was being shut down by the building department. Robert almost had a heart attack. We get back at those guys in later episodes, so stay tuned.

Finally, we move into the house, and though there is still much to be done, we are so happy to be there. Everybody connected with the house worked like crazy to make it all come together, and we were so grateful. It takes a village to raise this big, crazy family and we are certainly very lucky to have great people around us being supportive! After a few days to get the house in order, we were thrilled by how amazing it all turned out to be. The most fun we ever have is the final design. Believe me, it’s much cooler than figuring out the plumbing or pouring concrete for the foundation. The kids were in heaven over the new house. Us too! I think the viewers of our show will begin to realize that there is a method to our madness.

Check out the last part of episode two, which was filmed from outside the house by a robotic camera on a crane! It was crazy to shoot, but it is a really fascinating view of the house and of us inside. We were so lucky with our production crew and director, who spent so much energy on the look of this show. I hope you love it as much as we do. Well, back to the family.

See you next week!


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Had a Blast

"Bob was not completely happy in the beginning that I took on another freebie, but once he got into it, he had a great experience."

Hey everybody! We just can’t believe that we are almost at the end of the show’s original broadcast episodes. There is just one more next week! Wow, what a great experience it has been for us, and hopefully, for you too! You all have been so sweet to keep letting us know that you’ve enjoyed the ride! It has been a real treat for the whole family.

This week's show, we had a blast doing a makeover for our friend Lauren! Bob was not completely happy in the beginning that I took on another freebie, but once he got into it, he had a great experience. Because of the limited budget, we went to Pier One, where the prices are reasonable and the style is cool. Lauren spent the day there shopping with us. Her sister donated some great art for the apartment too. Then we went after the apartment’s clutter (the very best thing EVERYBODY can do for their own environments, and it doesn’t cost a thing except a bit of time) and transforming it. A good time was had by all, and now Lauren’s apartment is a much more stylish and user-friendly space.

You will all get to share one of the biggest and most exciting projects we have ever worked on, the creation of our first hotel, Bungalow, on the Jersey shore. Developer Dave Barry gave us a chance to realize our dreams to do a hotel, but the pressure of a new situation was anxiety-provoking. With all of this going on, we also decided to put our house up for sale, reflecting the difficult economic situation in America at that time. So many people have loved the house, but so far, no takers. For all the rest of the juicy details, you have to wait until next Tuesday to find out everything unfolds! We hope you will be able to make it to our season-ender. We think it’s a good one. See you there, Cortney.