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  1. S3/EP3: Ep 3: Planting a Seed Ep 3: Planting a Seed


    Caroline fears that although Albie has moved into a sleek bachelor pad, her eldest son is lonely. Caroline decides she must find Albie a girlfriend and recruits Denise Scalia and Chris to scour local bars and grocery stores for suitable bachelorettes. When Albie learns about this scheme, his temper flares at their meddling. Elsewhere, Lauren and Vito butt heads about their living situation and discuss starting a family.

  2. S7/EP10: Ep 10: Cut the Cancer Out Ep 10: Cut the Cancer Out


    Emotions are running high in Jersey as Jacqueline chokes up over a special proposal and Teresa's blood boils in a tense family reunion with her cousins, Kathy and Rosie. Meanwhile, Dolores gets serious about her gym business with an extra push from her friends. Also, Melissa suggests a group trip to Vermont to give Teresa one last vacation before her husband goes to prison.

  3. S5/EP1: Ep 1: Eggs on Ice Ep 1: Eggs on Ice


    After Kim's second dance on DWTS, she suffered a stroke, which in turn led to major heart surgery. As a result of that ordeal, this mother of six is ready to take on a new addition to the family. Meanwhile, both Brielle and Tracey are single and spend most of their time swiping left and right all over the Internet. Ariana is finishing up 8th grade while the four little ones spend their days terrorizing their big siblings. Kim loves her ever-expansive, crazy brood and doesn't see any harm in adding one more into the mix.

  4. S5/EP2: Ep 2: Free Ballin' Ep 2: Free Ballin'


    Kroy is confident that he won't have another run with the Falcons, which means a big move could be on the horizon. Kim is worried about the contents of her closet while Ariana dreads having to start high school in a new city. Meanwhile, Brielle has joined the Biermann payroll as Kim's newest assistant, but struggles to meet Kim's demands.

  5. S6/EP2: Ep 2: Last Laugh Ep 2: Last Laugh


    Josh Altman and Josh Flagg come head to head when Altman makes an insulting lowball offer on Flagg’s listing. With his eyes on the prize, Flagg gets a much bigger offer and makes sure Altman knows who is boss. Over in Malibu, Madison has his hands full with two precocious twins after their mother reaches out to him after being burned by another realtor. To unload from work, Madison finds time to tend to his new love interest Marcos.

  6. S7/EP10: Ep 10: Million Dollar Frisking Ep 10: Million Dollar Frisking


    Josh Altman and his brother Matt meet with an international client demanding they find the perfect Beverly Hills getaway in just two days. Meanwhile, Altman is trying to keep his relationship with Heather from falling apart. As Edith's health continues to decline, Josh Flagg finds himself in crisis mode. One of James and David’s biggest clients is counting on them to find an LA residence that meets his very specific requirements.

  7. S4/EP10: Ep 10: Luis 2.0 Ep 10: Luis 2.0


    A reenergized Luis reaches out to old friends in an effort to close a deal that painfully eluded him before. Fredrik wants a new 300 million dollar project so bad he can taste it, but the number one broker in the city will be put to the test, having to beat out the competition if he wants to win the exclusive rights to this one. Meanwhile, Ryan is busy trying to sell a two-bedroom apartment with an eight figure price-tag when he's blindsided by news from fiancé, Emilia.

  8. S4/EP11: Ep 11: The Final Shakedown Ep 11: The Final Shakedown


    In an attempt to bolster interest in his new West Side development, Fredrik takes buyers on a Hudson River cruise, but he and husband, Derek, come back ashore with more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, further uptown, Luis and a developer he knows well embark on an ambitious buyout in their attempt to create one massive 25 million dollar unit overlooking Central Park. But will a holdout, gleefully represented by Ryan, stop them dead in their tracks?

  9. S4/EP12: Ep 12: Don't Touch Me, Bro Ep 12: Don't Touch Me, Bro


    Luis hatches a plan to lure Ryan back to the negotiating table after the two reach a stalemate over Luis' attempted buyout of Ryan's client at 230 Central Park South. If Luis fails, so do his efforts to create a full-floor unit worth 25 million dollars. Ryan tries to salvage another deal that fell through after the buyer of his eight-figure townhouse in Soho was unexpectedly arrested. Meanwhile, Fredrik stops at nothing to impress a particularly important client as he tries to sell out his latest development, a 100 million dollar waterfront project helmed by old friend, Zach Vella.

  10. S5/EP91: Ryan's Wedding Ep 1: It's All Greek to Me Ryan's Wedding Ep 1: It's All Greek to Me


    Ryan Serhant has negotiated his way through several tough deals throughout his life, but none of them have prepared him for his upcoming wedding.  With only a few months to go before they leave for Greece, Ryan and Emilia realize that they may have been too optimistic when deciding to plan their special day on their own. Ryan's new building in Greenpoint is occupying all of his time, and Emilia becomes overwhelmed with a growing to do list. When Ryan's work starts to take total precedence over his life, everything becomes complicated...including their relationship. 

  11. S4/EP1: Ep 1: No One Said This Job Was Easy Ep 1: No One Said This Job Was Easy


    Veterans Captain Lee, Kate, Ben, and Kelley are joined by five new crewmembers as they prepare the luxury yacht Valor for a new charter season. The crew welcomes their first charter guests, a social media obsessed darling along with her friends. Kate is tasked with breaking in two new junior stewardesses, but when one misses her flight Kate is unsure if she will be able to handle the charter shorthanded. With added pressure of being a first time bosun under Captain Lee Kelley has his hands full with his headstrong senior deckhand Trevor. Ben and Kate must find their new middle ground as Ben comes to grips with Kate's new relationship.

  12. S4/EP2: Ep 2: What Happens in the Hot Tub Stays in the Hot Tub Ep 2: What Happens in the Hot Tub Stays in the Hot Tub


    Tensions continue to mount between Trevor and the rest of the deck team. Kelley starts getting close to a flirty, single charter guests and Kate and Ben clash in the galley. During their first night out, tensions reach a boiling point over Trevor's antics.

  13. S4/EP3: Ep 3: Hair Models and Filthy Martinis Ep 3: Hair Models and Filthy Martinis


    Kelley makes a decision on how to proceed with Trevor. The new charter guests prove to be a handful with a very pampered poodle. Ben and Kate clash again, while Kelley continues to deal with Trevor's poor attitude. Meanwhile, Kelley gets a call from a loved one and Trevor proves old habits die hard during the crew's second night out.

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  15. S11/EP12: Ep 12: Stage Moms and Dropped Bombs Ep 12: Stage Moms and Dropped Bombs


    Shannon panics about her families' impending move, while her daughters prepare for an upcoming rock show. Vicki celebrates Briana's birthday and makes it uncomfortably clear she is ready to fill up her love tank. The ladies come over to help Shannon purge her outdated closet; however tensions run high over unresolved issues between Shannon and Kelly, as well as Tamra and Meghan. Friends and family gather to watch the Beador girls perform, but Shannon's night is rocked by a shocking allegation from an uninvited guest.

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  17. Bravo's Big Picture

    Sex And The City

  18. Sunday, September 25

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    S6/E10: Boy, Interrupted

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    S6/E11: The Domino Effect

  22. Sex And The City (s6)

    S6/E12: The One

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