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Schedule for 2015-08-01

  1. S1/EP3: Ep 3: When You Wish Upon a Starchitect Ep 3: When You Wish Upon a Starchitect


    Andrew lands a listing in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Bernal Heights, but quickly realizes that the buyers are having a hard time seeing the potential of the area. Meanwhile, Justin's property in the Mission is finally finished and ready to show, but the size of the backyard proves to be a difficult selling point. In Hayes Valley, Roh scores a listing by making promises that may be impossible to keep.

  2. S1/EP4: Ep 4: Fights in Bernal Heights Ep 4: Fights in Bernal Heights


    After Roh finally manages to track down the architect of his new listing, he now has an even harder task...selling the penthouse. Meanwhile, Justin takes a listing with his dentist, but quickly finds it to be more difficult than a root canal. Andrew's quest to find his clients a property in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Bernal Heights takes an unexpected turn.

  3. S8/EP4: Ep 4: It's Sabotage Ep 4: It's Sabotage


    One of Jeff’s many gigs is as Creative Director of furniture store chain, Living Spaces. At the same time Jeff and his crew need to organize an epic catalogue shoot, he and Gage also decide to put their dream home, Gramercy, on the market. With too much on his plate, a stressed Jeff does not know if he will be able to successfully pull off this shoot, keep his current clients happy and sell his home.

  4. S8/EP5: Ep 5: DSI: Design Scene Investigation Ep 5: DSI: Design Scene Investigation


    While Jeff's design team finally puts the finishing touches on the George Eads residence, they find that George has a sensitive side...and an opinion. Jeff needs to find his own place to live and work, but an unforeseen epic rainstorm in Los Angeles could literally wash away his plans.

  5. S3/EP11: Ep 11: Tears Over Miami Ep 11: Tears Over Miami


    Jax reunites with an old friend at Scheana's Miami Beach bachelorette party, making the group wonder if Jax is hiding secrets about his sexual past. Tom Sandoval makes a tearful plea to Kristen to stop harassing Ariana, and Lisa confronts Stassi for cutting Katie out of her life.

  6. S3/EP12: Ep 12: A Stand Against Stassi Ep 12: A Stand Against Stassi


    When Stassi refuses to forgive Katie for attending Scheana's bachelorette party, Katie must either fight for her friendship or cut Stassi out of her life. Peter mistakes Vail's flirting for interest and asks her on a date that quickly turns awkward. Kristen connects with the girl Tom Sandoval allegedly cheated with in hopes of finally breaking up his relationship with Ariana.

  7. S3/EP13: Ep 13: Miami Vices Ep 13: Miami Vices


    Kristen creates chaos at SUR when she ambushes Tom Sandoval with the girl he allegedly slept with in Miami. Scheana erupts at Kristen over her actions, causing a huge scene in front of customers. Lisa jumps to action to keep SUR running and discipline her staff after Miami Girl’s disruption. Katie adjusts to life without Stassi.

  8. S3/EP14: Ep 14: Judgment Day Ep 14: Judgment Day


    Lisa confronts Kristen over her disrespect of management and arrives at a final decision on her future at SUR. Tom Schwartz makes a shocking revelation to Katie about the past. Scheana debates whether to disinvite Kristen from her wedding.

  9. S3/EP15: Ep 15: For Better or Worse Ep 15: For Better or Worse


    The SUR crew comes together for Scheana’s wedding, but Scheana melts down as the day of her dreams spirals into a nightmare. James confronts Kristen over her continued obsession with Tom Sandoval. Jax, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz debate the merits of marriage.

  10. S3/EP16: Ep 16: Ring on a String Ep 16: Ring on a String


    Scheana breaks down when her plan for a perfect wedding falls apart. Kristen lives up to everyone’s worst expectations when she fights with James at the reception. Tom Schwartz makes a bad situation worse when his apology gift to Katie leads to tears. 

  11. S3/EP17: Ep 17: Jax Cracks Ep 17: Jax Cracks


    Jax struggles to stay loyal to Tom, but Stassi teaches Kristen how to make Jax reveal Tom’s alleged cheating. James apologizes to Kristen to salvage their relationship. Lisa teams up with Lance Bass to host a puppy adoption at PUMP.

  12. S3/EP18: Ep 18: Dethroned Ep 18: Dethroned


    In the Season 3 finale, SUR’s annual photo shoot turns tense as Tom Sandoval confronts Jax for stabbing him in the back. Katie forces Tom Schwartz to take action in their relationship, while Tom Sandoval and Ariana take their own relationship to a whole new level. While Stassi accepts Lisa's invitation to the restaurant's anniversary party, she finds returning to SUR more tense than nostalgic.

  13. S10/EP5: Ep 5: Game Changer Ep 5: Game Changer


    Vicki gets a phone call that forever changes her life. Shannon offers an olive branch to Meghan when she hosts a Bunco party at her house. Meanwhile, Meghan moves into another house and Heather has an unorthodox date night with Terry that gets a little bloody.  

  14. S10/EP6: Ep 6: Full Circle Ep 6: Full Circle


    Vicki's mother's passing has sent shock waves throughout the OC, causing the women all to take a deeper look at their family lives. While Vicki travels to Chicago to mourn, Tamra heads north to celebrate the birth of her granddaughter. Meanwhile, Shannon continues to heal her marriage with David. Meghan tries to create a lasting memory for her stepdaughter Hayley.

  15. S10/EP7: Ep 7: Bowling in Heels Ep 7: Bowling in Heels


    Vicki enlists the powers of a medium to try and communicate with her mother. Shannon discovers that to lose physical weight, she has to do more than just exercise, she must deal with the weight of her emotions too. Meghan tries to teach her step daughter responsibility but learns a lesson about parenting instead.  While Tamra and Eddie struggle to work together at the gym, Heather is eager to start a new project with Terry. All the ladies come together for a fun night of bowling and a surprise announcement.

  16. S10/EP8: Ep 8: Judgy Eyes & Tahitian Skies Ep 8: Judgy Eyes & Tahitian Skies


    When Meghan hosts a couple's game night, her husbands' absence becomes fair game for gossip with the other ladies. Meanwhile, Shannon and David meet with their therapist. Later, the women head off for a tropical get away to French Polynesia, but the road to paradise gets bumpy when Meghan and Vicki don't see eye to eye.

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  20. S7/EP17: Ep 17: London Calling Ep 17: London Calling


    Carole and Dorinda arrive in London and Carole’s first order of business is to retrieve her late husband’s ashes. Not expecting such an emotional experience, the two widows immediately bond when sharing their similar pasts of losing their husbands. In New York, Sonja is trying to teach the newly single Ramona the protocols of dating when they receive a very special delivery from Bethenny inviting the ladies to a party. The event turns out to be a fiery affair with everyone in red and Ramona on the prowl. Back in London, Carole and Dorinda wrap up their adventure by having a cocktail party of their own with some old friends.

  21. S12/EP124: Ramona Singer & Michael Rapaport Ramona Singer & Michael Rapaport

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