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  1. The Real Housewives Of Orange County

  2. S7/EP1: Ep 1: The B Is Back Ep 1: The B Is Back


    It’s transition time for many of the women as Bethenny is still dealing with the chaos of her divorce and with no place to call home, she is trying to find where she belongs. Excited about a fresh start of her own, Luann plans a weekend at her new home in the Hamptons and invites all of the ladies to join. Ramona is coping with her separation from Mario and attempting to move on with her new life as a single lady. Meanwhile, Carole feels the pressure from her book publisher to make a deadline and new housewife Dorinda is living two separate lives – one includes her boyfriend John and the other includes her 21-year-old daughter Hannah. 

  3. S7/EP2: Ep 2: New House, Old Grudges Ep 2: New House, Old Grudges


    The ladies hit the Hamptons for a weekend of fun and nostalgia. After selling the last pieces of her recently-sold estate, Luann shows off her new home to all the ladies at an informal housewarming party. Dorinda and Sonja finally meet each other at Ramona’s house where she’s hosting the two for the weekend.  Everyone agrees that the situation with Mario has brought out a softer side of Ramona, which is evident when she pulls Luann aside to talk about the past. Things get cooking when Carole flirts with Luann’s much younger personal chef. The ladies haven’t seen Bethenny in a long time and when tensions surface with Ramona at Luann’s party, lines are drawn.

  4. S7/EP3: Ep 3: Battle of the Brunches Ep 3: Battle of the Brunches


    Luann, Carole, Kristen, and Heather do not want to take sides in a possible renewal of tensions between old frenemies, so they decide to attend both Bethenny's and Ramona's brunches. First the ladies head to Bethenny's, where they load up on mimosas and gossip. After some fun and food, they arrive late to Ramona's brunch to find Dorinda and Sonja grumpy and on their way out. Back in the city, Dorinda re-connects with her boyfriend, John, and Bethenny checks in on the renovation of her new apartment. Meanwhile, Ramona and Luann nurture their renewed friendship with a heart-to-heart about Mario. When Luann meets Bethenny and Heather for lunch the next day, it becomes apparent that there may not be room in this group for two hyper-opinionated women.  

  5. S7/EP4: Ep 4: The Art of Being a Cougar Ep 4: The Art of Being a Cougar


    After a wild single ladies night, Carole catches up with Heather at the Highline to discuss her dating life. Later, Carole gets her game on with Luann’s hot, younger chef, Adam. Bethenny decides to throw herself a last minute birthday dinner, where Sonja and Luann bring some much younger men as their dates. Meanwhile, Kristen is upset she didn’t get an invite to the party. Ramona meets up with her restaurant partner Peter to discuss business, with a side of flirting. The night ends with a war of words between Bethenny and Heather at dinner, while Carole and Dorinda watch on as the two alpha divas go head to head.

  6. S7/EP5: Ep 5: Mind Your Own Business Ep 5: Mind Your Own Business


    Having been warned about Sonja's questionable business aspirations, Bethenny has lunch with her to see firsthand if the other women have a point. Meanwhile, Luann and Dorinda meet for pedicures to discuss Dorinda’s impressions of the ladies and her relationship with John. Kristen has a photo shoot guerilla-style on the streets of New York for her new fashion blog. Later, Dorinda hosts a cocktail party for all of the ladies and their men, where Carole makes a confession to Luann, Sonja feels attacked from all sides, and Dorinda’s boyfriend gets flirty with some of the guests.

  7. S7/EP6: Ep 6: Double Down on Delusion Ep 6: Double Down on Delusion


    The women all head off together to Atlantic City for Ramona’s first birthday without Mario. Things get off to a rough start when Sonja won’t let the ladies into her townhouse, and they have to wait outside in the pouring rain. After a memorable limo ride to Atlantic City, the ladies try to change their luck and sit down for a lavish dinner. Things turn sour when Bethenny calls Sonja out for not listening to her, leaving Sonja in tears. Ramona changes the mood with some raucous gambling and dirty dancing. Still frustrated with Sonja’s outrageous, alcohol-fueled behavior, Bethenny tries to have a serious talk with her, leading to a no-holds-barred exchange.

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