Bobby Crowder: I Think Elise Is a Hard Ass

Bobby talks about the perks of working with his best friend and why he's worried about working for Elise. What’s the best/worst part about working with your best friend?
Bobby Crowder: Best thing about working with my best friend is that I have someone I 100% can trust and rely on. Having that at work is amazing. I don't think there's any bad that comes along with working with your best friend, LOL. What’s your advice for bonding with clients?
BC: My best advice for bonding with clients is just be your true genuine self and just have fun! What are your first impressions of Elise?

BC: My first impression of Elise is that I think she's a hard ass and might be tough to work for... Also, the clothes are a bit shocking for Whistler, LOL!


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