Bobby Crowder: Kendra 100% Separates Herself From the Group

Bobby explains why he thinks of Kendra as bossy and why her reaction at dinner was so surprising. Do you feel like Kendra separates herself from the rest of the group on purpose, or do you think she just doesn’t fit in?

Bobby Crowder: Kendra 100% separates herself from the group...If she just tried (like we are), I think everything would be fine! Like she said...she's used to being alone. Why did you feel like Kendra was being bossy?

BC: Just how Kendra talks to us sometimes... It's telling instead of asking. Were you surprised by Kendra’s reaction when you called her out?

BC: I cannot believe Kendra started crying when I called her out. There is NO WAY that's the first time she's been called bossy!

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