Charlotte Fenton: I Was Totally Thrown off Guard

The #ApresSki team member dishes about her fellow staff members, working with her BFF, and her first day jitters. What made you decide to come out to Whistler with Bobby?
Charlotte Fenton: I decided to take a break from interior design and move up to Whistler for the season, because the opportunity at Gibbons Life sounded like so much fun and a really exciting thing to be a part of! Bobby and I have always daydreamed together about adventures that we would love to embark on so when this opportunity came up, it was like our dreams coming true! Leaving my boyfriend Sean and my interior design work at home is a really big deal for me, and I definitely struggled with the decision. I honestly don't know what I would do if I wasn't up here with Bobby. We literally do everything together and have, arguably, the best time together, so coming up to Whistler with him was a no brainer. I knew that we would have a blast no matter what. What were your first impressions of the other Gibbons Life team members?
CF: I knew Jim from Vancouver, so right off the bat I  knew that he was super goofy, super smart, and super hot. LOL. I immediately thought Lynsey was a genuine, down-to-earth girl who was really sweet and "mountain!" Kendra was clearly outgoing, friendly, and someone who knows how to finesse the sh-- out of anything. I immediately felt at ease with Tamara, because she exuded such a kind energy. I was relieved that our boss was professional and sweet with good style. I also thought she had great hair... My first impression of Elise was hot fire flame! I immediately knew that this one was spicy and that I would need to stay in her good books or things would get crazy. Then the outfits! I am from "the city," too, so not too sure what that's about. Did you instantly regret telling Elise and Tamara that you weren’t detail oriented?
CF: 100%! I was totally thrown off guard when Elise came at me with that question. I thought she was just asking me and only me! It was the first day, and I was so nervous. I totally panicked, my mind went blank, and then next thing you know I'm blurting THAT out! Oops. Next time I'm tearing a page out of Kendra's book!


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