Joey Gibbons: I Admire Jim's Ambition

The Gibbons Life founder shares his opinon of Tamra, Jim, and Elise. Had Tamara been keeping you in the loop about the problems among Elise and the rest of the team?

Joey Gibbons: Tamara is our CEO, and I give full autonomy to our CEOs to who they want or don’t want on their team. Tamara is in constant communication with me, and I support her direction.

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Jim Sced Wants to Take the Reigns
Jim updates Joey Gibbons on the group's issues with Elise Wims and proposes a change of direction. Do you admire Jim’s ambition, or do you think he should have gone to Tamara before coming to you about the manager position?

JG: Yes, I do admire Jim’s ambition. At Gibbons Whistler we have an open-door policy and there are no rules about who can talk to whom about what. We try to keep things simple.

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A Major Bobsledding Diss
When one person must sit out during a group bobsledding adventure, Elise Wims decides she won't be that person. What was your take on that bobsledding fiasco? Should Elise have sat it out?

JG: Every leader has their own style on how they want to get things done. If I was there with the people I led, I would certainly have given away the experience to my team before partaking myself. Every leader has their own style, and I respect that.

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