Kendra Larkin: I'm Feeling Very Unwelcome

Kendra thinks the rest of the team isn't even giving her a chance. At this point, how are you feeling about the group? When you don’t join them in the hot tub was it because you weren’t interested, or was it because you weren’t interested in hanging out with them?
Kendra Larkin: At this point I'm feeling very unwelcome on our team. It feels like because I'm not a local and I come from a different background, that I simply won't be accepted by this team. I didn't want to get in the hot tub because I think hot tubs are gross and uncomfortable. It's pretty simple: I just don't like the idea of sitting in a human's just not my thing. It's disappointing to me that just because I don't like hot tubs, the team would make assumptions about me once again. Were you thrown off by everyone’s lack of enthusiasm about helping with the wedding?
KL: I wish I was surprised about everyone's complete lack of enthusiasm about helping with the wedding but this seems to be the way the team operates. I was hoping that this week someone would step up and start treating me like a part of the team, but once again it's locals versus the foreigner. They know I don't know the town yet but continue to refuse to help me work and learn, even though this is our job. My goal is to make Gibbons Life a successful startup, so regardless of the lack of enthusiasm, I'll continue to do my job.

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There's Tension Amongst the Team
When Kendra Larkin looks for support from the rest of the team, their reactions are less than enthusiastic. Were you surprised when Bobby confronted you at the bar? What was going through your head?
KL: I was definitely surprised by the "confrontation" at the bar, although it's been brewing. No one has really made an effort to get to know me, and I can tell that they talk about me behind my back, so at least they finally had the nerve to say something to my face. Being misunderstood and feeling attacked is frustrating, but I didn't want to fuel this miserable fire by getting into a fight or an argument. I don't ever want to say something I don't mean or regret. I have no interest in name calling or fighting, so I decided to listen and then when I've calmed down, I'll happily address their words on a personal individual basis since ganging up on people also isn't my thing.

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