Cat Cora

Cat Cora thinks some of the chefs went too far in the spirit of "innovation."

on Jun 27, 20120


Until now, most of our chefs' challenges were to master the traditional cuisines of various cities and countries. This week was different. Although their dishes had to be recognizably Chinese, the challenge was to be innovative. But, as one of the diners in Hong Kong said, "The most innovative dish doesn't mean it's the best dish." Some chefs go too far in their pursuit of innovation. As the Demon Chef says in this episode, "It's about taste as well as innovation." I do all my experimenting at home, but this week the contestants were forced to create a recipe and execute all in the same day. The results were predictable -- and mostly dismal. It just goes to show that it takes a lot of trial and error to perfect a recipe. And that takes time.

John and Avery mentioned molecular gastronomy, which sounds like a kind of astrophysics. They're referring to a branch of food science that studies the effect of chemical processes on various kinds of food. Unfortunately, it can lead to gimmicky dishes like John's Scallop Wonton with Lime "Snow." It's all very fine to use liquid nitrogen to freeze your ingredients but don't serve it on a warm plate. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

We're down to four finalists. Feel the suspense building? Stay with us. It gets more interesting.





Thank heavens for comsumers who chose the favorite. They chose the only contestent left who can cook!! The finalists are so untalented and undeserving of winning money  that it's shocking that Bravo would allow this to happen. What a sham of a show! What happened to excellence??? You are rewarding inferiority, nasty conniving and lack of integrity....who thought up this travesty of a show????? Bad judgement writ large!!!!


This show is in need of a serious REVAMP. It's so frustrating to watch the talented Cat and Curtis stand around with absolutely NO POWER to direct the outcome of the competition. What's the point of having TWO PHENOMENAL CHEFS acting as spokesmodels? All we get from these talented people are just a few snippets of their impressions of each dish.


Why aren't they in the kitchen watching them work and commenting on the abilities and skills

of each competitor?


Why are the competitors themselves in charge of eliminating people?!?!


I watch cooking competitions so I can see what the best of the best come up with in the face of daunting challenges. With the way this competition is set up, competitors are knocking the most talented chefs out of the competition (Let's see a show of hands for all those sick of Nookie's lazy way of playing this game), and we're stuck watching less talented cooks compete while the better chefs are cut too early. 


At the very least, if the show is going to continue letting competitors vote each other off, Cat and Curtis should have the power of a judges' save each week. YES, the diners can continue to pick the MVC (most valuable chef), but Cat and Curtis should be able to intervene and save a chef about to be voted off if they feel they are more talented (or served a better dish) than those still left in the competition.


THAT WAY the most talented chefs WOULDN'T be the first ones off the show, and I wouldn't be losing interest in continuing to WATCH because the remaining chefs either have no talent or they're playing the the game like A$$es.