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Under the Radar

Cat Cora explains that being a strong cook can actually be a liability.

In this week's episode politics starts to trump cooking skills. Of course, it's only a game. As Jenna said, Nookie and John would have been fired in the real world for watering down their juice. Damn straight! But in this game, being a good chef and a strong competitor can be a liability.

Politics plays a role in the kitchen too. Being too competitive with your peers isn't conducive to harmony in the kitchen. We have to channel our competitive natures into seeking success for the whole team. This week every team did that. Everyone worked well together.

The game element of the show really accentuates people's competitiveness. Jenna's had a target on her back since the first show. She's highly competitive but also comes across as bossy. But John mentioned her cooking skills when he decided to vote for her. Her talent as a chef made her too much of a threat. In a game like, this sometimes you're better off flying a little under the radar.

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