Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson examines Nookie's worldly skills.

on May 30, 2012

The chefs are off to Morocco.

This whole episode could play out stranger than a Paul Bowles novel but has no possibility of being weirder than the film version of Naked Lunch, unless you get them all really stoned on “Majoun,” a powerful version of hashish. That’s a whole other show concept, though. 

Coming out of the gate Chaz is all anti-Avery. He thinks she is taking credit for the success of others. Chaz is jealous because he didn’t think of this strategy. I think the thought is misinformed though… Avery is just better than Chaz and he’s feeling a bit chuffed.

Didn’t see this coming but I am perplexed that the person with the most worldly travel experience is a man named Nookie. Soon we realize though that while Nookie has some Moroccan experience, he is not very thrilled to be back. Morocco freaks Nookie out. I think there is a warrant out for him in Marrakech for some mercenary work he did with the French secret service back in the mid '80s. 

I think Nookie has written a book called The Art of Culinary War: Lessons in Screwing with People’s Minds While Peppering the World with Humor. This guy has a better strategic mind than anyone I have ever seen on a competitive cooking show. He is the guy no one wants to play Risk with, but he’s good to have on your team.

The Exceptional Ingredient race is a mindless meandering to the medina. Funky and cold it is not, but sexist and weird it is. To the Central Park South horse drawn carriages! Three teams are formed and they are: Black Team is Nookie, Avery, and John. Red Team is Liz, Jenna, and Nicole. White Team is Chaz, Gary, and Nick. Nick and John haven’t really stood out so far. Until they do I will call them Slice of White Bread A (John) and Slice of White Bread B (Nick). Doesn’t taste like much, but it’s always there.