Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson examines Nookie's worldly skills.

on May 30, 2012

The foremost American expert on Moroccan food is Paula Wolfert who back in the early '70s wrote Couscous and other Good Food from Morocco. My Paula story is this: I am a big fan, but we crossed paths in the strangest way. I moved to San Francisco in 1998 and was busy staying at my sister’s house faxing resumes to various restaurants. I was having a lot of issues getting one resume faxed correctly. The number was off and it just wasn’t working. After about 20 attempts I get a call on the fax machine from a very annoyed woman, announcing, “This is Paula Wolfert and why are you trying to fax my home phone?” Oops. I apologized and found the correct number. She hung up. So we’re close… real close. 

Nookie to Avery: “Do you want to go pet the monkey?”

You have to be careful in some countries. Things can be morally misconstrued. This would be misconstrued everywhere. 

They all suck at making tagines. They just make stews with spices. Couscous should not be cold unless you’re at a salad bar in Silicon Valley on Worldly Eats days. 

John attempts to communicate with the waiters by bringing them flowers, but these guys are not having it. In North Carolina and Morocco you cannot, as a man, bring another man flowers. 

Beet Gate. Avery’s beets get cleared by mistake. She accuses Chaz. They get into it. Gary solves it all and Chaz gets mad at Gary. Chaz is also mad at an imaginary gnome named McGillicutty. Everything and everyone angers Chaz. Chill Chaz, chill. 

Chaz is convinced there is “something personal” between him and Avery. No Chaz, you’re just being a weiner. Put your head down and cook. 

Slice of White A has undercooked the beans. Crunchy beans are no good in any language. He is apologetic and has no good reason why this has happened. But he runs that Fez room like it’s a TGI Friday’s. Finesse, aplomb, and pin-on buttons of positive affirmation are what make this room roll.