Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson points out some missed opportunities for both the chefs and the producers.

on Jun 20, 2012


We wake up in Italy, but soon we fly to Asia. Nicole is getting no love for being the immune one last time, a condition that really saved her skin. Her steak was not very good and Nick went home because of it. No one is very enthused about that. 

They are traveling to Thailand, and upon landing get their first challenge. 

Three teams of two match up, but despite the fact that they have been running non-stop in this whole series, there is no natural inclination to pair up with the person who would be fastest. I think John, Nicole, and Liz look the most light of foot. Nookie and Jenna look like they feel gravity’s pull more than the rest of the group. 

The loser will be “left out in the cold.” Winner gets some advantage. 

Nicole tells her driver that she is from America, something most of us keep to ourselves when traveling throughout Southeast Asia. I will sell you a Canadian flag for your backpack. Three for $10. 

Avery is really tired. 

They all find the coconuts and balance those nuts to the grinding area. Nookie loses his balance and becomes the “Goofy American” story for years in Thailand. Nookie’s cardio work is pale compared to the Midwestern fitness of John. 

Avery and Jenna find out that cheating by adding the coconut water to the mass wil quickly catch them up. This cheat does not help though, and somehow Jenna turns into a puritan for the rest of the show, railing against any form of cheating or unethical behavior, all of which are wrapped up in a heavy Red Sox uniform with Postal on the back.