Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson points out some missed opportunities for both the chefs and the producers.

on Jun 20, 2012

Onto the rice fields, where the chefs will have to plant rice in the muddy mass that rice thrives in. Jenna’s adrenaline is pumping like crazy. Nookie and John arrive first and take the shortcut, with Nookie falling into the rabbit hole and finding Wonderland. John has a nice chat with a scarecrow, and briefly considers swapping Nookie for the scarecrow, it being a much faster runner than the Nookie. 

Suddenly there is a lot of chatter about Jenna’s ankles. She and Nookie sound like an old couple running through an airport late for a flight: ”My ankles are killing me. I’m tired. Can we get a cheeseburger? Did you forget my foot cream?”

Jenna and Avery arrive last and they do look cranky. Avery is holding her tongue, but you can see that she is all boiling on the inside. Slayer’s "War Ensemble" is playing loudly in her head.  

Sport the war, war support 

The sport is war, total war 

When victory's a massacre 

The final swing is not a drill 

It's how many people I can kill

I am thinking happy thoughts about kittens and yarn and John.

Street cart food time and Nookie and John get double the budget and also get to sell two items. The losers, Avery and Jenna, get no heat to work with. 

In passing through the market, we see the strange fish tank that you dip your feet in. Elves, you missed a moment here to get Jenna’s ankles back on track. Avery has a tub of tiny poisonous eels all ready for Jenna.