Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson points out some missed opportunities for both the chefs and the producers.

on Jun 20, 2012

John is spending all his money on she-male Thai prostitutes because this Midwestern boy is going to experience this trip to its full extent. 

There is some eating. Some sampling and some diplomacy. We are introduced to the Thai guest chef judge who looks a little like Liberace and a little like an excited lawn gnome with highlights. His name is McDang, but I am sure that’s a stage name. 

Avery recounts the story of her last few years, and it’s a pretty sad tale. Addiction is no joke. but is very prevalent in our industry. Serious kudos to Avery for forging through for herself and her kids. If she can deal with that. then she can surely work with Jenna for a street cart challenge. 

Pork and juice from Nookie and John.

Green Papaya salad from Avery and Jenna.

Pork belly Chinese-style from Liz and Nicole. 

In the judging we see Curtis judge Nookie with a look of disdain. Really? You have set them up to be ruthless bastards; do not now expect them to be all about the food and the honesty of cookery. This is about strategy and being a weasel at this point. Someone tell Avery that her early episode hopes of this being about the food has officially expired. 

The taste winner is Avery and Nicole, but this is about sales, and Nookie’s plan has worked like a charm. So Avery and Nicole are back to the bottom. John wins again, and is really making some progress in these last few episodes.