Hugh Acheson

Hugh has some choice words for the "Demon Chef."

on Jun 27, 2012

We are off to Hong Kong, the bustling cosmopolitan port which has been under Chinese control since 1997 and under the ‘One Country, Two Systems' the city goes under the control of Nookie in late 2012. He will instigate the Third Opium War. If none of my mutterings make sense so far you should read up on the history of Hong Kong because it is very interesting. 

Left standing in this world wide rat race is Avery, Nookie, John, Liz, and Nicole. They don’t really dress up nice when traveling, do they? Nookie is continuing his weasel ways and on arrival in Hong Kong he is plying his trade on John. John hasn’t had a BFF like this since grade school and is willing to trade Matchbox cars and homework for the chance to have a real friend. They collude to try and get Nicole on their team so they can vote her off if things go South. Being from the South I resent that saying. 

Onto the gondola, and while Nookie may talk a big game, the man in the bedroom shorts and flip-flops is a withering weenie when it comes to heights. Glass bottomed gondolas make him wince. Avery has the best line here: “Nookie is big in size, he’s not big in balls.” Balls are talked about a lot on this show. At the Tian Tin Buddha they must climb many stairs but before this Avery chooses the girls to hang with. The girls are a lot faster than the Nookie, and this is making John a little resentful of his new best friend forever.