Hugh Acheson

Hugh has some choice words for the "Demon Chef."

on Jun 27, 2012

Nookie and John’s advantage has been somewhat helpful but John takes the role of maître d’ and also the maker of edible snow. Growing up in Canada you learn young that the snow melts to reveal fall’s dog poop. Watch out for melting snow. 

Liz travels the world to impress people with food and feels that the POT PIE is her route to salvation? Houston, we have a problem. Nookie is taking hours to do a spherification of vinegar. Avery is doing some dessert with mango, and Nicole is doing a duck breast with squid noodles. 

Avery’s life was saved by molecular gastronomy. Enough with the sad state of Avery’s past. We get it. I still think she’s badass and am tired of tearing up every time the show goes to a sad aside about her past. I have trouble enough with my emotions when I watch Nookie run.

John plays maître d’, but really looks like a lost wedding guest in Manhattan. Alvin goes home and puts on a slightly dirty t-shirt with sleeves. Hey, good lookin’. He quickly schools John about service. 

Nookie’s oyster was so stupidly simple, but is well-loved. Too basic for me, though. Cat thought her ball was small. Talk amongst yourselves. 

John’s scallop with melted snow is craptastic. He looks good in the suit if that’s any consolation. 

Pot pie is deemed pretty dismal. Alvin says the most broad comment ever: “Asians do not like this.” Okie dokie.