Hugh Acheson

Hugh has some choice words for the "Demon Chef."

on Jun 27, 2012

Duck was safe but good. Nicole is happy, but she has a big target on her back. 

Dessert killed it. And was not a pebble-sized flavor sphere on an oyster.  

Avery wins with her dessert.  She wants that money and she wants that car. Nookie is a sore loser. They all are pretty crass at this point. 

In meet-up, John decides to go crazy on Nicole about passion. Nookie has put him up to this and John looks kind of crazed as the bad cop. Nookie is commenting that John’s tirade is off-track and not strategic… Nookie has created a monster. Is John drunk? Melted snow is revealing a torrent of emotions from the Midwestern boy.  

Nicole bats .250 cause she voted for John. Nicole goes home.

On to Buenos Aires. We have four chefs left.