Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson reveals what he would have cooked for his Lyonnaise hosts.

on May 16, 2012

Off to the wine pairing which is an odd challenge because wine can be very subjective, but I will play along. Nookie solves Fermat’s Theorum and this makes the bottles fall into perfect order for the matching wines extravaganza. I did not picture him for a math whiz, but then I was like, “Where the hell is MIT? That’s right… in Nookie’s hometown.” Then it all made sense. The movie was meant to be called Good Nookie Hunting.  

So the Black Team wins the exceptional ingredient, which in this case is a meal and an explanation of the Lyonnais dishes that they will be re-creating, most importantly the Quenelles of fish (usually pike). The Master chef is very helpful and this is an important advantage. I have a soft spot for a master Euro chef like this one; we just don’t often find the dedicated chefs willing to live above their restaurants and just focus on the one thing for their entire careers, but that mentality is still very common elsewhere in the world. Here we have chefs coming out of cooking schools who think that they are one call away from their own show and Truck Nutz sponsorship. I digress, cause this type of writing may interfere with my Truck Nutz contract. 

The Red Team, led by the less-than-charismatic Jenna is wandering around town to see what constitutes the flavors of Lyon. Indian food is out, salads and chicken seem to be popular, and quenelles are a necessity. They must try the quenelles so they go and order one to share amongst all six of them. Page 27 of How to Get By in Lyon on $12 a Day. They relish in the flavor and work backwards through the dish to be able to make it. This smart sounding system is bound for failure. The problem is that Jenna speaks only a little French. She ain’t no Gary in the lingual department. Gary’s grasp of the language is really the biggest advantage in the episode, much more important than the Master chef.