The Travelogue's Senior Editor doesn't understand why the other chefs still listen to Nookie.

on Jun 28, 2012


Before I get into this week's big trouble in huge China, I'd like to say that I feel slightly vindicated by last week's 80 Plates poll on I asked whether Jenna was really all that bad. And you know what? The winning response was that no, she wasn't, and people just needed to blame their shortcomings on someone else! I was shocked, but oddly pleased.

OK, now we're in Hong Kong, you guys! First, we have to take care of the business of Avery selecting a new team. She opts to go with the women. She chooses the ladies's team, claiming that she thought bonding with the women was important -- well, she said that before she actually started working with them. What's interesting is that she didn't trust enough in Nookie's "alliance" that he wouldn't vote her off if she was on his team and they lost. And that takes us to the Course.

First, the two teams have to locate the Tian Tian Buddha. This involves a cable car. Poor, Nookie. I feel you, bro. I'm afraid of heights too, and going on the The London Eye recently was difficult. And even that's sturdier than a cable car! But Nookie put on a makeshift blindfold and trucked through.

Next, they had to locate the Wah Hing Hong Shop. Nookie and John found their way first, but the ladies saw where they were going and actually got to the shop first. Although Nookie was bummed, it didn't really matter. At the shop, they had to bundle 10 hairy crabs. A lovely fact scrawls across our screen telling us that these are sometimes sold in vending machines in China. I think this is one case where one doesn't hope two don't accidentally fall. I'll take a Twix instead, please. Nicole takes it upon herself to complete the task for the women. And it's weird she had so much confidence because it certainly wains quickly while she's actually doing it. Nookie finishes first, and jumps to the next task: heading to the Peking Garden at the Alexandra House and filling seven steamer baskets with Happiness Dumplings Yummm. This may come as a surprise, but I've only had proper dim sum once, in Chinatown in Los Angeles. And it was amaaazIng, and stressful. Many of you will remember the dim sum challenge from Top Chef last season. Well i think the eating can be just as anxiety-inducing as the cooking if you don't know what to order! I will be asking for Happiness Dumplings next time, though, because they looked delicious. The female chefs finally catch up to the men, and actually do well in their dumpling creation. Nicole once again takes it upon herself to tackle this task. Sooo, Avery's on the sideline. I don't know why the female chefs wouldn't have their strongest competitor, you know, compete. Nookie obviously takes this opportunity to heckle Avery. Why not?