The Travelogue's Senior Editor doesn't understand why the other chefs still listen to Nookie.

on Jun 28, 2012

The boys eke out the win. And Curtis and Cat issue the Takeover. Extreeeme Chinese Cuisine. No Mountain Dew involved. And the kicker? The chefs will cook individually. Finally! I'm sure this is amount many of you have been waiting for.

The whole crew heads to Bo Innovation, a restaurant known for being, er, innovative, and No. 52 on this year's list of the best restaurants in the world. There, they are treated to a tasting menu with the Demon Chef, Alvin Leung. Yikes! Not only does this guy yell at his servers, but he hits on Avery. I was uncomfortable just watching this. Not sure if this guy is auditioning to be the next Gordon Ramsey, but he seemed to lighten up pretty quickly. The food did look pretty cheffing cool, though. Although, I almost puked when I thought they were going to eat dog food. Silly Monica. Apparently these tricks are not for me. Although, yeah, I'd probably eat a fake condom. You only live once, right? I was not surprised Nookie picked up on Chef Leung's comment about the Chinese vinegar, as it was the ingredient that most resonated with me as well.

The next day, John and Nookie went back to Bo Innovation to claim their Exeptional Ingredient -- extra cooking time and help from the restaurant Sous Chef, David Yu, who was super-nice (another reason I believe the Demon Chef has a soft side.) While Nookie took advantage of Chef Yu, asking him which methods he should use for his first course, and having him actually do it, John went off on his own, confident in his techniques. The women finally arrived, ready to cook their dishes. That moment when Nookie opened the door and told Liz he was there to help her, before closing the door while she was speaking grossed me out. We get it -- she's naive and you're there to compete. Chill, Nookie. But as he says, he works smarter not harder. I've always been the biggest fan of people who worked both smart and hard. Call me crazy.

The Demon Chef dines with Curtis and Cat, and John takes front-of-house. Well, for a few minutes. Chef Leung instantly criticizes his techniques and he steps back a bit. You knew this would happen when John told the servers he would help. You could just imagine the thought bubbles over the regular servers heads saying, "Yeah, OK, buddy."

On to the meal! Out came Nookie's oyster. People enjoyed it. Cat's only complaint was that she didn't get enough vinegar. Also, he had a lot of time and only made an oyster.