The Travelogue

Anyone else miss Cheven?

on May 31, 2012


Hello my little tanginess! This week we headed to Marrackech, Morocco, and would you believe it? Cat and Curtis are there! Hey, guys! I'm still jet-lagged from my trip to London, where I too, made a point to visit Borough Market. There, I had a memorable bacon butty (one of my goals for the trip), and a tender salted beef sandwich. But, we're here to talk about Marakech, aren't we?

Cat and Curtis issue the group's Courses. First, they determine their teams by hopping into pedi-cab-like carriages. The chefs throw out a lot of criticisms of each other. Chaz says Avery takes credit for other people's work. Pot, meet kettle. Nookie and Avery work well together, so they team up. Nookie has also been to Marrakech. Gary speaks French, so he'll once again be an asset in Morocco. I hate saying this because I like Gary and I know it's irrational, but his grandiose French drives me nuts, much like I guess Jenna's Italian will bother John's next week as we see in the "next on" portion of the show. He and Jenna yelling, "Vite! Vite!" to their drivers almost drove me to the edge. Like I said, irrational.