The Travelogue

Anyone else miss Cheven?

on May 31, 2012

The first course is to head to Ben Boubker Spice Shop within the Medina. I've seen Sex and the City 2, so this all looked very familiar (she says with complete and utter sarcasm.) The teams have varying success finding this one vendor among all the vendors. Nookie's team gets there first. Too bad they don't know their spices very well. In fact, i almost died when they had trouble with cinnamon and coriander, seemingly two of the more common spices used. Although the last to get to Ben Boubker, Chaz, Nick, and Gary won that Course. Chaz was actualy really helpful in this part of the challenge, claming his West INdian roots make him very familiar with spices. 

Next Course? Find the El Waha Restaurant. Once there, the chefs have to fill all the mint tea cups presented to them using the proper technique, which is apparently making a giant mess. I kid, I kid. Gary reveals that he plays a game with his friends where they do the exact same thing with alcohol and see how high they can go. A high-pouring game of pouring alcohol. Anyone missing Cheven at this point? No? Just me? Anyway, Nookie has an idea to start from the back of the rows of glasses so that the leaking liquid falls into other cups, cutting time. Not sure if it was the method or not, but it works, and the Black Team wins.