The Travelogue

Anyone else miss Cheven?

on May 31, 2012

On to the Takeover, which is to take over the Palais Soleiman restaurant, create one of Morocco's signature dishes, a tagine, and two side dishes. The Black Team has the benefit of the Exceptional Ingredient, which this time around is in the form of local guide, Ahmed. The key to winning this challenge? Good spices. So true. Let's all take a moment to head to our cupboards and throw out our old spices, shall we? Just cause they're dried, doesn't mean they don't go bad. Gail Simmons actually has a really appropriate passage in her book, Talking with My Mouth Full about wanting to throw out the old spices in her mom's cupboard in Canada. I know that was a shameless plug, but I love Gail, and her book is very entertaining, so get it, will ya?

Before the cooking begins, the chefs head to their accommodations, which are the Four Seasons Marrakech. Just beautiful. Only thing that would make this better were if they had a butler. And he was Raza Jaffrey. (Another SATC2 reference for those playing at home. Sorry, guys.) Jenna gets encouragement from her fiance, a fellow chef via a Skype conversation. Avery reveals that she wears her father's ashes around her neck, and that she's doing this for him -- they had planned a trip around the world together.