The Travelogue

It's all in the delivery, Sai.

May 16, 2012

The Red Team now in the lead, both teams head to the next Course, which is to herd four sheep into their pens without touching them. The Red Team really struggles with this, while getting very annoyed at their teammate, Jenna, who they're all kind of over. The Black Team has a couple herded and then somehow Cheven releases some out. I shake my head this time. Come on, Cheven! Eventually, the Black Team makes up lost time and gets all their sheep herded while the Red Team keep going. In this Course, I really try to think what my strategy would've been. I think I would've tried to rile the animals up, then run into the pen myself. Maybe they'd follow? I obviously have no experience herding sheep, and owning Brokeback Mountain wouldn't have helped me one bit. The play on words between lambs and Lyon wasn't lost on me, though. Unless it never existed in the first place, and I'm just looking for puns all the time. If you are a regular visitor of this site, you know that's the case.

After they win the second Course, the Black Team is on a hunt to find Curtis. And they do! He is with Sommelier Blaise Vavro, who I shall call Richard Blaise Vavro. They present the third Course, which is to match eight wines with their flavor profiles. Cheven offers himself again to handle this one. I'm honestly not sure why his team keeps letting him step up in this way since, according to Nookie, he's a "fart in a space suit," but they do. After a couple of misses, amatuer statistician Nookie helps him out. It's all in the match, he explains. Yes it is, Nookie. Yes, it is. Makes sense that a Red Sox employee would know a little something about math -- hey, I saw Moneyball!

The Red Team arrives after the Black Team finishes. I felt bad for them, but I got over it becase it's now time for the Takeover! And The Takeover is... Lyonnaise Cuisine. Since the Black Team won the Exceptional Ingredient, they get a lesson in local cuisine from MOF Joseph Viola, Chef/Owner of Daniel et Denise. The Black Team enjoys a tasting at his restaurant, learning the fine art of making quenelle, a dish both teams need to make for their diners. I usually use the term to describe the spooning action on plated desserts with ice cream and cream, but I was unfamiliar with the traditional dish. The Red Team is left to their own devices and walk around Lyon looking for answers! I have to say althoguh Jenna's French might not have been as strong at Gary's, she said something that i alwys tell people when they tel me they don't like French people: try to speak their language. When I went to France, the people there were lovely because I spoke the language. If you at least try, you'll start off on the right foot. If you assume they speak English, they won't be happy. Preserving the French language is sacred to the people of France.