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Again: why won't anyone vote Nookie off?!

on Jul 11, 20120

And Nookie cut his meat, which is a huge no-no. And it was overcooked. Since the meat continues to cook at the table, it just went way over. And he knew that but obviously said to Cat and Curtis that he didn't take it into account. His chimichurri was also sizzling.

So the vote was down to John, Avery, and Nookie. Although I thought John was slightly delusional in thinking he was part of the real alliance, Avery did say "I have an alliance with Nookie and John." Yet, John got voted off. I have to say I'm continually confounded by people not voting for Nookie. I really think if Avery had voted for him, she could've focused on beating John and LIz in the final -- two people who remain their own worst enemies. But now she has to worry about one of the best competitors in the competition. I just don't get it. Although Cat praises Avery for wanting to win against the best in the finale, which I can appreciate, at this point in the game, I don't believe Nookie would have done the same. Also, I don't know that Nookie has proven that he's the best chef, so Avery could've felt OK about voting him off. But, anyway...

Next week we'll find the chefs in Uruguay! Until then, Have a Nosh!




Best competitor does not mean best cook. He won by watering down punch, by wholesaling the empanadas. His work smarter, not harder does not win him the votes of the customers. His bullying and strategies won't win their votes either. If the finale is based solely on cooking, he hardly stands a chance. 


As to Liz' cooking, she's actually done fairly with locals while undervalued by the competitors. I think Liz and Avery are the best cooks of the second half of the show. John was a poor cook most of the way through and only the vagaries of reality TV and playground strategy kept him on. Generally unimaginative, when he tries to shoot for something good, he fails.  He seems the embodiment of the poor design of this competition. 


The titles to shows scenes were interesting and this ones for "EVITA", past political heroine about their revolutions on Argentina ! The last few moments sound like a sitcome comedian saga !