The Travelogue's Senior Editor is surprised to see Keven go home so soon.

May 24, 2012

When the teams arrive, they're greeted by Jordi Limon, Head Chef, Restaurante Somorrostro. The second course is to Fillet & Breakdown Fish. Each type of fish or seafood is worth a certain dollar value, just like it would be if the chefs were real fishermen trying to sell their goods. While Nookie is able to cut the shiz out of the monkfish, they are of lesser value than squid ink, which the men's team just destroys. I actually dissected a squid in fourth grade, so I might have actually been helpful in this challenge!

By winning the Course, the men win the Exceptioal Ingredient -- the guma roja or red prawns. The men will be able to cook with it, while the women will not. Both teams head to La Boqueria, and we then see a little more of the reason behind John's comment from earlier. Nookie and his "Angels" are cooperating, while the men are sort of at each other's throats. Keven and Chaz have different methods of going about things, and they both set each other off.

Time to get cooking! First course goes to Nookie's team for their trio of croquettes. Even with the red prawn advantage, the men's team couldn't pull out a winning starter. Chaz tenderized the paired fish a tad too much, and the diners, including the exceptionally sweet Jose Andres, didn't care for it. Next course seemingly goes to the men's team for their treatment of the monkfish. Nookie led his team astray by suggesting a cooked Iberico ham dish that just didn't work. And finally for dessert, although Liz's custard didn't quite set and she's nervous it will send her home, the diners seem to like it. And so, Nookie's team won, and Nookie won MVP.