The Travelogue's Senior Editor wonders whether not utilizing Nonna was smart or fatal.

on Jun 6, 2012

Welcome back, my little McRibollitas! This week, the chefs (and, of course, we) travel to Florence, Italy -- another destination to which I've never been. For some reason I've never felt an overwhelming urge to visit Italy, not like I know many of my friends have expressed to me, but I will say this episode made me hungry. And angry. Hangry, if you will. First, Cat and Curtis tell Nick and Gary that they will be split up since they're the remaining members of their defunct team. They will select their opponent's team. In the end, Nicole, Nookie, and Avery end up with Nick. And Jenna, John, and LIz end up on Gary's team. After they're split up, their Course begins.

First, "Find the Men playing Bocce Ball at Terrazza Il Belvedere." I could just go to Wiiliamsburg to find people playing bocce ball, but the two teams find the men with a  fair amount of ease. In the car on the way to the court, Jenna starts her Italian language domination. She knows the language and is not afraid to use it. Much like she did with Spanish, and Gary with French, they're both all too willing to speak their second languages, and as Hugh points out in his blog this week, overpronounce it. You may wonder why I always reference Hugh's blog, and it's because it's hilarious and getting it in my Inbox every Wedneday is a highlight of my week. OK, enough of that -- don't want him to get a bigger head than he already has! Back to Jenna. Even thought Gary thinks Jenna will be nothing but an asset, even he's ready to find her a muzzle. I have to say I've travelled with know-it-alls before, and it's insanely annoying.

Course 2: Find Il Cernachino Cafe and Order the 'Reboiled Seasonal Dish.' Ribollita! one of the buzzwords for this episode. Both teams eventually find it and taste it. Next, the teams have to find Carapina and order the "tasty treat mistaken for cheese." Although Gary's team gets to Carapina first, this clue has them completely thrown. Luckily for Nick's team, they come across an English speaker on the street who knows the answer. And it is... ricotta. Well, my mind was blown. Maybe I should have known this, but i had no idea ricotta isn't really a cheese. You learn something new every day! I actually dislike ricotta cheese, so somehow this new knowledge comforted me.