The Travelogue's Senior Editor wonders whether not utilizing Nonna was smart or fatal.

on Jun 6, 2012

The next task is to find Filippo Mannoni at El Duomo. There, they'll find out they have to drive to Villa del Cialinano and go olive picking! More specifically, they have to fill four crates using the provided tools. It isn't until the Black Tam is a couple of crates in before they realize the correct method with the tarp provided. The Red Team realizes it too, but not in time. And the Black Team wins. They'll get the Exceptional Ingredient in the Takeover which is to cook traditional Tuscan cuisine.

In the meantime, we learn a couple of tidbits about our chefs -- Jenna feels guilty being in Italy wihtout her fiance, who proposed with a salami ring! Aw. NIcole Lou bases everything she knows on the film Under the Tuscan Sun, of which I've watched th beginning about 100 times, but have never seen the whole thing. It's just one of those movies I don't care enough about, but maybe i will now. l'll keep you posted on that important development. The Exceptional Ingredient is Nonna Romanelli, an Italian-only speaking grandma, ready to share her wisdom. After a few minutes with Nonna, Nookie and his team decide they're wasting time because they don't undertand what she's saying. I cant' decide if this is a smart use of time or the biggest blunder of the season. It turns out it's the latter because, as Curtis criticizes them later, they could've had her demonstrate how to do something without understanding what she was saying. Food is a universal language. Or is it music? Who knows. The Red Team has their own challenges in that their Ribbolita, made my Gary, gets accidentally tossed on the floor by John. The way that whole scene was shot with John, an unidentified figure with a hood, not having his identity discovered till he turns to the camera, was eerie. But it was an accident, and so the whole team helps Gary to create a new Ribollita. Oh, and Liz, who has immunity, effed up the pasta for the gnocchi. She's on Jenna's last nerve. Yikes!