The Travelogue's Senior Editor wonders whether not utilizing Nonna was smart or fatal.

on Jun 6, 2012

The two teams serve their meals. While the Red Team's Ribbolita did seem to be better received (Nookie took a misstep by putting priscuitto in his), the Black Team won. Ultimately, the Red Team's menu just wasn't Tuscan, but wait Jenna knows eveything about Itally! Mm-hmm. Nicole won MVP for her spicy meatball, and the Red Team has to decide who to send home. Since Liz has immunity, that leaves Jenna, Gary, and John. Sure, John accidentally knocked over Gary's Ribollita. Sure Jenna selected a non-Tusan menu, but no one spoke up, did they? Ultimately, it was Gary's time to go. And so I'll say, "Au revoir, mon ami!"

Next week, we're in Bologna! Hold on to your tortellini. Until then, Have a Nosh!