The Travelogue

What a thrill.

on Jun 13, 2012


Hello, my little tortellini! We're still in Italy this week, but this time, we're in Bologna. My cousin actually just got back from Italy, compelling my father to share some stories of he and my mother's trip there several years ago, so I've had Italy on the brain! The teams start the Course by driving to Modena. You may recognize the name Modena from every bottle of balsamic vinegar you've ever purchased in your life. They arrive at a chesse aging facility. The first task is to "Find 3 Wheels of Cheese Marked with a Green Triangle." I really didn't understand why either team didn't seem to split up more to make the job go faster. Maybe they don't trust each other? That's a rhetorical question, obviously.

The Red Team finishes first, and as Avery puts it, "The Red Team is a train wreck." And at this point, she's right. Liz tried to send Jenna home last week, and the two kind of hate each other. They hash it out in the car on the way to Modena. It's really interesting to see how different these two women are. If you watch the scene in the car with the sound off, like I did (I'm watching it for the second time, people), you see Jenna talking and Liz just taking it. Never a good sign. I think we have a Heather/Beverly situation on our hands. Where my Top Chef fans at? I think you know who's who. That's not to say I don't think Liz couldn't use a little help. As a loudmouth myself, I'm never for one just sitting there and taking anything. Stand up for yourself, Liz! 

Next, the Red Team has to Deliver the Wheel to Tamburini Salumeria in Bologna. They need this win. They need the morale. Somehow the Black Team catches up, which Jenna is not happy about. Sidenote, but what I love is that Jenna can make any comment to anyone but when John tries to tell her to step it up, she stops to tell him he's stressing her out. Mm-hmmm. The Black Team actually delivers their cheese first. They are issued the next task to "Find 12 Specialty Items and Deliver to Ristorante Pappagallo." Both teams figure out that they won't be able to find all the items at the Salumeria, so they start looking around the shops on the rest of the street. The Black Team apparently gets all their ingredients together first. I say apparently this time, because Nicole crossed off Parmiggiano Reggiano without actually obtaining it. While they're out looking for their cheese, the Red Team comes through! Let's go, Red!