Baby Spooky Animals Aren’t So Spooky After All

Don’t be scared! They’re so tiny!

Yikes! It’s Halloween weekend! Are you already getting goosebumps thinking about all the creepy creatures you’re going to encounter? Black cats that will for sure result in 80 years’ bad luck, wolves that are two seconds away from shape-shifting, and bats that are definitely secret Draculas.

Well fret not! We are about to quell all of your fears by showing you the baby versions of these “scary” animals. How could you possibly be scared of…

A baby bat?

A baby spider?

A baby wolf?

A baby black cat?

A photo posted by Kirsty Jane (@k1rstyjane) on

A baby owl?

A baby raven?

A photo posted by Raven Atkins (@ravenatkins) on

A baby toad?

A photo posted by Laura Delegal (@ldelegal) on

A baby snake?

Okay, maybe the baby snake is still a little bit unnerving.


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