Who Should Wes Choose As Lead Deckhand?

The Sirocco has one stacked deck. Between Wes, Malia White, Max Hagley, and Bobby Giancola, they keep the yacht smooth sailing (minus an anchor mishap or two). Captain Sandy Yawn thinks it's time for Wes to delegate more of his tasks to his crew...
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Poll: Should Adam Have Been Fired?

Onions have a tendency to make chefs cry. They do not, however, tend to get them fired. On this week's episode, Chef Adam Glick goes against the primary guest's no-onion request for the second time, and then lies about it to Captain Sandy...
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Did You Catch This Hilarious #BelowDeckMed Moment?

Between Malia White's love triangle and Oniongate, you may have overlooked the single most important moment of the episode, courtesy of the night-vision cameras: Poor Bobby Giancola! Take this as a cautionary tale and remember never to leave...
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