Are Lauren Cohen and Ben Robinson Dating?

Get the scoop on their relationship from Lauren herself! What was your relationship status with Ben coming into the charter season?
Lauren Cohen: Before I decided to join Sirocco, I had met Ben out in Fort Lauderdale and we began seriously dating over time. When I made the decision to do a season in the Med, Ben and I mutually decided it would be best for me to do the season single. We still remained friends and spoke frequently throughout the season. Where do you and Ben stand now?
LC: Ben and I don't speak at all. Did you think there would be so much drama between you and Bobby when you started the season?
LC: I did not think there would be any drama with Bobby starting the season, seeing as we went to brunch together twice (with the new girl he was dating at the time as well as Ben and his siblings) in Fort Lauderdale in the weeks leading up to leaving for Croatia and there were no issues at all. Was it difficult being caught in the middle of Hannah and Bobby?
LC: It was difficult being in the middle of Hannah and Bobby, because Bobby's argument made zero sense to me. We were all cool in the time leading up to it and his issue with Hannah literally came out of left field. I was an innocent bystander in the whole situation.

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