7 Things You Need to Know About Captain Mark Howard

There's more to the 'Below Deck Mediterranean' captain than meets the eye.

The Mediterranean may be the "most serious circuit there is" but it's nothing without good leadership. Enter Below Deck Mediterranean's stoic commander and keeper of the peace, Captain Mark Howard! Whether he's yachting around the clear blue waters of the Med, putting out (literal) fires, or just hanging out, Captain Mark is always ready to put his customers' needs before his own and provide the best charter possible. He may be new to Bravo, but we have a feeling he'll be a fan favorite in no time! Here are the seven things you need to know about Captain Mark before #BelowDeckMed premieres on May 3 at 9/8c.

1.  He Flies Helicopters in His Spare Time

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Mark is a captain on the sea and in the air!

2.  He Knows Your Favorite Yachties

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Captain Mark has rubbed elbows with Below Deck cast members such as Captain Lee and Adrienne Gang.

3.  He's Not 'On Board' with Crew Romances

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Horrible pun aside, this Captain does not approve of boat romances...watch out, Ben Robinson.

4.  He Keeps His Wife Close to His Heart

Captain Mark Howard

Along with other essentials like binoculars and a coffee mug, Captain Mark always travels with a picture of his wife. Aww!

5.  He's Willing to Help Out the Newbies

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As long as new yachties respect Captain Mark's three requirements, they're all right in his book.

6.  He Gets the Job Done

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His best tip ever? $35,000. Hard work definitely pays off.

7.  He Never Forgets the Golden Rule of Yachting

Below Deck Mediterranean
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No matter what happens during the charter, "The guest is always right."

Learn more about the crew in their bios, and don't forget to watch the series premiere, May 3 at 9/8c!

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