Below Deck Med's Captain Sandy Yawn Reveals What She Eats at Home (And It's Adorable)

Sandy Yawn may be a badass woman in a man's world — but she eats like a little kid.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Captain Sandy Yawn is full of surprises. For one thing, she's a yacht captain who prefers not to eat seafood (she knows too much). And for another, while Sandy may be a big-time boss woman in a man's industry, her preferred diet in her own kitchen consists of food most commonly beloved among the grade-school-kids set.

The Feast sat down with Captain Sandy in Los Angeles, her new hometown, and asked her to reveal what's in her fridge right now. 

"I'm a cereal eater," she told us. "So — milk and Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, Mini Wheats."

Hey, we're not mad at that, Sandy. (We love cereal too.)

As a fitness-minded person, she does have a few other things in the rotation: "I do have muesli for the days I feel like I want to be fit. And I have fresh-squeezed orange juice, because I love orange juice."

So does Sandy cook? "I don’t cook, but I make breakfast," she told The Feast. "So this morning, I made eggs, I had a piece of toast. That’s it."

Indeed, for how worldly Captain Sandy may be, she's also a kid at heart. If she could choose anything to eat for her last meal on earth, Sandy told us, she'd have a cheeseburger: "I love cheeseburgers. I’m American. Give me a great burger."

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