Below Deck Med Chef Adam Glick's Easy Recipe for the Perfect Anytime Meal Has Just 3 Ingredients

Hunky chef Adam Glick never gets tired of this simple pleasure — and it's easy to see why.

Below Deck Mediterranean chef Adam Glick has a deep appreciation for Michelin-star dining as well as the food he forages out in the wild and cooks in his camper van when he's not yachting — yet he can't stop making his very favorite easy meal, which falls somewhere in between those two extremes.

"As a high-end yacht chef who has to cook everything under the sun, when it comes to feeding myself on the road, a slice of sourdough, grilled, with avocado and bacon and some salt — that to me is six-star," he told The Feast. "That's as good as it gets. I always have avocados, sourdough and bacon in my van at all times. That's pretty much my go-to — I can absolutely eat it every day, if not more than a few times a day. It just never gets old and it hits all the right spots for me."

And we can see why — it sounds amazing! (Though avocado toast-hater Bethenny Frankel might have something to say about it.)

Toasting or grilling the sourdough can take it to the next level, as can brushing the bread with butter or garlic butter. But Adam really keeps this three-ingredient combo feeling fresh by switching up the herbs and spices he might use to season them.

"I always keep a substantial spice rack in my van and so you can change the flavor of whatever it is you had originally. I actually have a built-in spice rack, all labeled, and that is probably my number one go-to in the van as far as creating extraordinary meals."

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