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Pick a Salty Dog and We Will Accurately Guess Your Fave Below Deck Mediterranean Crew Member

Puppers aweigh!

We have set sail again with the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean! The high seas are as tempestuous as ever and we aren't talking about the weather. While there's always someone you are hoping will shape up and others you hope will ship out, who that is changes with the tides. Are you Team Hannah (until she sneaks off to kiss a guest again) or Team Adam (until he sneaks onions into the guests' food again)? Sometimes you just can't decide which crew member you would give the envelope full of cash to, ya know?

You could make yourself sicker than a seasick stew trying to figure it out, so we're here to help! Study the #SaltyDog pictures below, select the one that makes your heart float and like magic we will reveal your favorite Below Deck crew member! 

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