14 Mesmerizing Lava Photos From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

It's flowing into the sea for the first time in years.

Eyes are on Hawaii's Big Island these days, where lava is flowing into the ocean for the first time in three years. Local folk and travelers alike are hiking in for miles along a treacherous approach — or viewing by helicopter, or boat — to see the awesome spectacle within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Here are 14 photos that show off the dazzling drama.

1.  Lava Meets Ocean

A photo posted by Tracey Niimi (@traceyniimi) on

It's magical, isn't it?

2.  Goddess Pele

Props to this gorgeous hula queen. 

3.  Smile Afire

A photo posted by Lori (@tiki_jones_) on

Coincidence? Maybe. But this volcano seems like a happy one. 

4.  Night Sky Magic

A photo posted by Kass Young (@kashew) on

The sight of the blaze against the stars is absolutely breathtaking.  

5.  Surreal and Steamy

A photo posted by Island Livity (@john_kapono) on

Where there's smoke (and steam), there's fire, right?

6.  Getting Too Close?

A photo posted by G. Brad Lewis (@gbradlewis) on

Thank you to all of the folks who got near enough to bring us these photos. Respect. 

7.  Lava Rocks

It's all a part of the process. 

8.  The Volcano's Beauty

It's an undeniably stunning show.

9.  Silhouette Glow

Daily dose of zen. 

10.  Earth Formation

A photo posted by Sail Maui (@sail_maui) on

And this is how it happens — this is how earth-stuff is made. Neat, right?

11.  Meeting Point

A photo posted by Kevin Tengan (@kevintengan) on

It's an intense combination. 

12.  Melting and Molding

It's awesome in the most literal sense of the word.

13.  Always Burning

For now. 

14.  Advice From a Volcano

Brilliant philosophy, if you ask us.

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