Britney Spears Made a Movie About Her Hawaiian Vacation and Now We Are Jealous

It's a solid insider look at celebrity family vacation style — and it looks good.

It's no secret that Britney Spears loves to vacation in Hawaii. In fact, it's a family tradition, and she often shares social media snaps when she takes her boys to holiday in the stunning island state.

Well, over the last few days, she's shared snaps from her latest trip to Hawaii with sons Jayden James and Sean Preston. Included in those was an Instagram shot of Brit posing topless in white bikini bottoms, but we didn't go with that headline because we chose to be classier than that (this time).

Still dreaming a mile a minute... 💙

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Instead, we're more interested in the pretty epic movie Britney shared through the social media platform — a nicely produced video, complete with musical soundtrack, that gives recent vacation videographer Kate Hudson a serious run for her money.

Brit introduced the video with this message for fans: "Here's a quick glimpse into our trip to Hawaii, and I hope you guys like it!" Her sons then pop in the frame long enough to add, "Aloha!"

Then the video cuts around to some of the family's fab activities in Hawaii, including jumping into a gorgeous blue ocean from a boat, wearing cute island gear, blowing into shells like instruments, and eating — a lot. Their vacay snacks include hot dogs (Britney) shave ice (the kids, who apprently share taste preferences with none other than President Barack Obama) and what appear to be pina coladas — or virgin ones. George Michael's "Faith" plays over the clip. Enjoy it here, and spend your back-to-work Monday wishing you were chilling in the South Pacific like a pop star and her very lucky brood.

Wheeeee! #Hawaii 🌺

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