Yachting in the Caribbean vs. the Mediterranean Is So Not the Same, Kate Chastain Says

Find out which dreamy destination #BelowDeck's chief stew prefers.

The Caribbean and Mediterranean are two of the most popular destinations for high-seas adventures, be it on a colossal cruise ship or a private yacht. With different climates, cultures, and cuisines, which one reigns supreme among tourists is really a matter of personal preference. 

But if you choose the Med, you're probably going to want to do so in your leisure time rather than as a yachtie, according to Kate Chastain, who has served as chief stew for three seasons on Bravo's Below Deck, which is set in the Caribbean. "I've done, personally, two Mediterranean seasons. It's beautiful over there, but I think it's better to visit the Mediterranean as a tourist or vacationer than as an employee because Mediterranean seasons are just so intense," she told Jet Set earlier this month (clip above). "You never really see too much of the Mediterranean because you're working."

Below Deck
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Kate said that there's something different about the type of guests who charter yachts in the Caribbean versus the Med, too. "Clients that charter boats in the Caribbean are more relaxed, taking it easy, looking at palm trees, you know, floating, daiquiris, reggae, great," she explained. "In the Med, it's like CNBC, and let's get to the Cannes Film Festival, let's go [to] Saint-Tropez for the parties, have we gone to Ibiza, dinner starts at midnight, we'll be home at 5 a.m. after posh at the club. It's just nonstop. And it's really pretentious guests." 

Though her fellow yachties on the spinoff Below Deck Mediterranean may disagree, the Caribbean is where it's at, according to Kate. "When I did the Caribbean so many times, I couldn't wait to get to the Mediterranean. I'm thinking, 'I'm going to be wearing a beret and drinking espresso and be so Euro-fab,'" she said. "And then I got there and was like, 'I miss the Caribbean. It's so much cheaper and beautiful and nice.'" 

Well, this is as good as an excuse as any to visit both and compare and contrast them for yourself. You know, for "research."

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