"Exquisite!" Mariah Carey Yachting in Capri Is a Real-Life Sweet Fantasy

There were fireworks over the water... and on the dessert plate.

Mariah Carey, the star who rocks a $10 million engagement ring, does not apologize for her over-the-top tastes. She's a woman who knows what she likes — and the things she likes include over-the-top opulence, unapologetic excess, and truly epic vacations.

Case in point: While some of us are spending the holiday week lounging on inflatable pool rafts, Mariah has been making her way around Capri on a very posh yacht.

Pon de boat ⚓️⚓️⚓️

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According to Mariah's Instagram, it appears that yacht belongs to pal David Geffen. 

Thank you for an exquisite 4th of July David ⚓️🎶😘 @davidgeffen

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What we know about that yacht, a 454-foot vessel known as Rising Sun, is that it's the 10th largest in the world. According to Forbes, it accommodates 18 overnight guests and a staff of 55 — take that, Below Deck crew! — and has its own basketball court.

Pause to note it doesn't suck to be Mariah's twins, also known as "dem babies."

Happy 4th of July #roc and #roe 🎉

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Naturally, given it was the Fourth of July, there were fireworks on the water.

Happy 4th of July ⚓️⚓️⚓️😘😘😘 Thank you for the #fireworks darling 🎉🎉🎉

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By why stop on the holiday? A couple of days later, there were fireworks on a Capri tabletop too.

#festive moments at #aurora #capri

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