Here's How to Turn Your Vacay Water Sports From Chilled-Out to Super-Charged


If scuba diving, rafting, standup paddling, or canoeing is a part of your adventure travel palate, know that your fun is about to blast off in a serious way with a new toy that should have existed all along.

An Austrian company called Scubajet has created a lightweight (just over five pounds), portable and flexible jet engine that clips on to your favorite mode of water travel and makes it go even faster than your little arms can take you. It's got a remote control that allows for a variety of speeds and lasts for about an hour and a half.

It's been designed to fit in a backpack for handy sports travel. Founder Patrizia Giovanniello grew up near Lake Constance in Switzerland, so she's been enjoying water activities her whole life; she made this product a reality with the design help of her boyfriend and father.

A major incentive to donate to Scubajet's current Kickstarter campaign is the chance to receive an engine for the early bird special price of $662 (€590), which is expected to be more than half off of the suggested retail price. You'll also be one of the first to hit the water and outpace everyone with it.

Who's on board?

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