Teens Rescued After Floating Out to Sea on Inflatable Flamingos, Did it for Instagram

They were in shark-filled waters nearly 50 feet deep.

Anyone who's ever floated on an inflatable flamingo or swan — or slice of pizza or doughnut — knows such a moment is among the holy grail of seasonal Instagram photos. But how far would you go to get the perfect picture?

For some teens on a school break in Australia, the answer was very far — much farther, in fact, than they intended to go.

The group was floating on inflatable flamingos, a dinosaur, and a unicorn about a third of a mile out to sea, desperately in need of an SOS, when they were rescued by fishermen. They were in waters nearly 50 feet deep, reported to be teeming with sharks.  

"We decided to go to the beach one day... and we just wanted to get a few good Instagram pictures, and it turned out we drifted nearly all the way to the other island," one of the teens explained on The Project news program. They were simply relaxing, peering into their phones, when suddenly they realized how far they'd come and one "started having a panic attack." Three of the girls had brought heir phones into the sea, and cited that as one reason why they couldn't paddle back to shore.

After the rescue, they hopped back in the ocean briefly to get some final pictures they wanted from the epic experience before proceeding to safety... with their feet perched on the inflatable toys above the water at the fishermen's instruction to avoid sharks.

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