This Epic New Superyacht Blows Your Idea of a Houseboat Out of the Water

This sure aint beer koozies and burgers on the lake.

Forget what you think of when you hear “houseboat.” Because this new superyacht could redefine the entire category.

The concept called “Your Yacht, Your House” (we like it already) is meant to combine the residential experience of a houseboat, meant for enjoyment on a tranquil lake for instance, with the high-end opulence more typically associated with an oceangoing yacht. 

The yacht’s super-sleek design with eco-friendly technologies comes from Russia’s Maxim Zhivov, according to a Daily Mail report.

Shall we look inside?

The vessel has an open stern that looks not unlike the rear facade of a private home, complete with expansive windows, a balcony and lounge, and even a small yard! Yes, a seafaring yacht with a patch of grass. (Paging Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy!)

Creating a dramatic look on the exterior of the boat — not to mention reducing its footprint — is a whole outer shell comprised of solar panels, which in turn power everything on board. So you can feel good about your environmental impact while you’re having one hell of a luxurious party at sea. (Just don’t make like Paul Allen, whose 300-foot superyacht destroyed a protected Cayman reef for the seas’ most epic party foul.)

According to the Daily Mail report, close to half of the superyachts in the world are owned by Americans or Britons. And with price tags averaging around $10 million and soaring way north of that, owners comprise a very elite club — there are fewer than 4,500 such vessels, defined as 30 meters in length or more, in the world.


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