Why Is This Dreamy Island Destination Paying Tourists $300 to Visit?

So there may be a little catch.

Generally, we celebrate birthdays by getting presents instead of giving them. But one island paradise travel destination is flipping the script.

The U.S. Virgin Islands is giving its own centennial celebration a spin and rewarding visitors for celebrating.

Visit USVI, the tourism center of the U.S. Virgin Islands, will be giving visiting travelers $300 to spend on the islands, in honor of the American territories’ centennial.

The cash is not unrestrained pocket money, though: It has to be spent at the destination and cannot be used for expenses such as lodging or flights. The money is meant to be used at cultural points of interest on the islands, so as to help visitors learn and appreciate the history. This means you can use this money on anything to help you explore and understand the culture of the island, which could be anything from taking a food tour to visiting museums or going on an island cruise. Sounds like a reasonable exchange to us.

To score this deal, you have to book a three-night or more stay thru VisitUSVI.com any time during 2017 at one of the few dozen participating hotels. If you travel during March (the month of the actual centennial), you’ll receive an additional souvenir of a mysterious nature.

Add this to the list of location-sponsored travel incentives intriguing us right now.

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